Android and Open CV

22 Jan

Open CV cannot only be ported on pc running Ubuntu or windows but also there are people doing projects porting Open CV on different platforms.One of the most famous is porting Open CV to android and develop application using it.So, this post is regarding “Porting Open CV on Android”

For those who doesn’t even slightest bit of what Android is and how the applications are developed over Dont worry just read a little bit from Here.By this point I assume that you know basics of Android. 🙂

Here is one of the detailed process of how to port. This from one the student of Stanford University.Actually Stanford University started this project a long back and have a dedicated work force over it. Please follow through the process. Later on I will be uploading a smaller process of porting but currently this is the  standard way.

Application of Android and open CV are great and quite challenging. But motivation behind doing  is the portability. 😉


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